The Hirenomics Difference

  • We are true executive search professionals who provide targeted and focused research to uncover off-the-radar candidates whom others may not identify for financial services clients.


  • Hirenomics principals personally execute each search and do not hand details off to others. We follow the search to completion.


  • We say "no" to a proposed search if we are not subject-matter experts on the industry or role, or if we cannot commit the time that is required to conduct the search properly.


  • Extensive Search Process:  We work hard and smart. Our researchers create a new prospective candidate list for every search, with a minimum of 200 names. We reach out to our networking and industry-specific contacts and leaders, for their market intelligence, input on the role, and candidate suggestions. As a result of our extensive front-end research, we get to know our candidates extremely well, including what is not on paper.


  • We are highly-motivated and driven to delight our clients.


  • Ours is a paid-to perform model with a negotiated fee as the down payment and the full balance due to us upon completion of the placement.


  • We offer an approach that is ultra-high touch and empathetic, both for our client firm contacts and the candidates. 


  • We tell our clients' unique stories with passion and knowledge, and we are careful to never oversell a role.


  • We unearth additional candidates through the entire search process, continuing until an offer has been accepted.


  • Our job is not done at the acceptance. We continue to work with the candidate and employer through onboarding and check in periodically to see how things are going. This enables us to assist the client with employee retention and informs our future efforts for that client and others.


  • After every search, we call each significant candidate and contributor, not just those who interviewed for the role, to thank them on behalf of the client.

Professional Placement Process

Our Approach



Listening to the specific client needs is a critical component of a successful partnership. We take time at the start of each search to understand each stakeholder's goals, concerns and challenges.



Based on your goals, your single point of contact will customize a search strategy to achieve optimum results.



The result of our work is delivering the exceptional talent you need to achieve your goals and providing you with real-time, in-depth marketing intelligence related to industry compensation levels for similar roles and how they are structured, your firm's reputation in the industry and legal trends that may impact the role.

Position Intake

After we have signed the contract with our client, we hold an in-depth meeting to align with the client leaders. The client responds to specific questions so that we may develop the position outline. We also establish the salary budget and hiring timeframe.


Research and Calls 

Our team spends three to five full days to conduct a database search for job-ready candidates and gathers profiles for 200+ new potential candidates. We call potential candidates, centers of influence and related network affiliates to vet the candidates. 

Search Status Update Call

He hold a meeting with client leaders to provide a full update on the search, including market and compensation intelligence, search activity numbers, and names of qualified candidates who have expressed initial interest.

Present Qualified Candidates

The client receives a resume, a completed questionnaire from each candidate, and a scorecard comparing each candidate via specific metrics gathered during the Position Intake. We also share intangibles about each candidate, in other words, what’s not on paper.



The client selects top candidates for initial phone screens and interviews. Ideally, all interviews take place during a tight timeframe so client leaders can easily compare and contrast candidates.

Due Diligence

Hirenomics will gather direct and indirect references on finalists, conducts background checks and drug screens, and finalize any other assessments the client requires. 

Offer Letter and Start Date

Even when the end of the process may be near, we continue to unearth and present candidates until an offer is accepted. We assist with preparing the candidate for the role. Through ongoing client and employee engagement, we gather feedback and strive to constantly improve both our client's and employee's experience.