Contract Staffing

"Thrilled with the Document Review Services Hirenomics Offers! Their meticulous approach, deep understanding of our needs, and timely delivery have been instrumental in streamlining our legal processes. A trustworthy partner that consistently exceeds expectations."

Brad S.
Contract Staffing Client

"Hirenomics has exceptional Document Review Services! Their team's attention to detail and dedication to accuracy has been instrumental in streamlining our operations. They've consistently delivered outstanding results, making them a valuable partner in our business."

Susan F.
Contract Staffing Client

"Hirenomics has done a great job of integrating their staffing program seamlessly into our overall eDiscovery process from a scoping, budget, timeline, and billing standpoint. In addition to attorney reviews, they’ve helped us staff several unique projects including various foreign language and contract analysis reviews.”

Heidi G., Director of Managed Review
Contract Staffing Client

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Hirenomics since I joined the team. My value as an employee is always felt, and that was very evident during my time on the Equifax project. While the work was intense and demanding, we always felt like we were on a team and going through it together. I grew to understand that is one of Hirenomics’ greatest assets. The Hirenomics agents’ presence on the Equifax project was immediately felt – we were taking so much pressure off the attorneys and other agents, and we really provided meaningful contributions. We diligently learned technical language at a fast pace and immediately applied it every day. I grew to think of the project team as my own family, which made me happy to show up to work every day. That is not a feeling you find often in this field.”  

Clinton S.
Contract Document Review Attorney

"My experience with Hirenomics has been excellent! I was set up with a project rather quickly and throughout the project, I was constantly checking in with. The project was supposed to be 6 weeks long but went on for 8 months (can we say grateful)? What a great company to work for and I cannot wait to do more projects soon!"

Sonya O.
Contract Document Review Attorney

"Hirenomics proved to be an incredibly supportive organization throughout my time with them. The team was always there to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer assistance whenever needed. This level of support fostered a positive and nurturing work environment, enabling me to excel in my role and grow both personally and professionally."

Dexter L.
Contract Document Review Attorney

"As a contractor, I look forward to continued work with Hirenomics. I have experience working with most of the companies in the market, and I like working with you best!"


"During the height of the pandemic, my job had massive layoffs and I began doing contract work. After working with different companies for several months,  I applied and was hired as a contractor with Hirenomics in February 2021. Over the following months, I've had the opportunity to do challenging and interesting work, while working with amazing people. Everyone I encounter at Hirenomics is professional, friendly and communicative, making my work as a contractor easier and more fulfilling. I cannot recommend Hirenomics enough."